Private File Sharing. Simplified.

Or drop a file inside the window.

What you can expect.


Even though it’s a Web3 Application, we hide everything what’s no needed away from you for the best sharing experience. No wallet, no gas!

100% Private

By using our service, you don’t expose your email address or any other personal data. Every file share happens in secret.


To store data, we use censorship resistant public peer-to-peer networks, instead of centralized servers which can be a single point of failure.

Why are we here.

Ghost Logo

Our mission is to bring the millions of people – who are currently using centralized file transfer services – to Web3. In order to do so, we’re discovering new approaches to make file sharing user-friendly, without giving up privacy!

How it works.

A simplified Version of what happens under the hood.

Sequence Digram for Upload and Download
  1. When uploading a file, the file gets encrypted (locally in your browser) with the help of the Lit Network.
  2. The encrypted file get stored on IPFS and the corresponding Metadata are registered in our Smart Contract.
  3. You share a file with a custom link, whereupon the recipient must request access – because the link itself is publicly available.
  4. If the recipient has been granted access, they can download and decrypt the file.